Cognita offers different solutions for on-line education.

There are three models forming the groundwork:
Enterprise is the broadest solution of on-line education designed for large companies. It is a variation where both the eLearner LMS system and content repository (in most cases) are installed on the user's intranet network. In this solution there is no need for a broad internet connection and the system can be integrated with the existing intranet solution (if one exists).Also, the administration of the system can be preformed by the existing administrator group that additionally reduces the expense of the implementation. 
Moreover, this solution offers the greatest system response speed required by large enterprise systems.
Portal is a solution which enables users to access the system and courses through the Internet.
The solution reduces the client’s implementation expenses, but on the other hand increases the need for broad internet access. This model also enables a single access of end-users from office and home use without any additional system configuration. This solution is convenient for the client that has a constant internet connection or if he/she would just like to enable the staff with education accessible from home or office without time limitations. The solution has a somewhat slower course download time, as speed is dependent on throughput of the internet connection.
ASP Enterprise Portal is a solution which is, in fact a combination of aforementioned two models. The eLearner system itself is installed on the Cognita's server, while the content repository is located on the client's network. The advantage of this combination is that the client is free from administrating the system, with network performance being enhanced, since the most d