Cognita is the first Croatian company specializing in e-learning solutions. We have been following world trends and participating in the domain for several years, which enables us to include the following services in our offer: Support Training Consulting Development and Mentoring

As a customer you can choose the support program that best fits your business needs - from occasional telephone support to dedicated support engineers who bring full-time support, knowledge and expertise in the field of e-learning and learning management to your organization.
It has never been easier to get accustomed to a solution, no matter if you are in the role of a learner, mentor or system administrator. 
Training is not obligatory for our end users, but according to the experience so far, it has been proven that it is very efficient and motivating for the users to get better acquainted with the system at hand.
Implementing any solution correctly requires much more than simply applying technology to a particular problem. To build a solid, yet flexible, solution that helps you meet your business goals requires astute e-learning strategists, solid technology expertise, and proven consulting methodologies, backed up with our training and support. 
Many users don't have a definite idea about the advantages of on-line learning and testing, how great their saving can be or how  the LMS system and e-learning can actually help them on everyday basis, in work and staff education. (According to ''Training Magazine'', savings reach 50 – 70%, while according to Deloitte Consulting, time-savings rate 35 – 45%.)
Cognita will help you access your need for an e-learning