Cognita offers all that you need for an on-line education implementation; system, tools and content.

eLearner LMS is the e-learning solution optimized to meet the needs of human resource divisions and organizations in the field of education and training.
It includes on-line courses and tests, communication between learners and/or mentors, as well as a complete reporting system that allows you to get a comprehensive view of education and training. eLearner LMS supports users administration, as well as groups, courses, classes, plans, and tests management. 
eLearner comparative advantage lies in its flexibility (ability to adjust to any customer demands), perfect SCORM compliance and the price that makes it stand out in the e-learning market.
Cognita eLearner® LMS (Learning Management System) passed all the tests and was certified by ADL as a SCORM 1.2 conformant product. This means that eLearner® is conformant with SCORM, leading standard in e-learning. Testing was accomplished in December 2004 by Academic ADL Co-Lab Wisconsin Testing Organization. The list of all certified products can be seen at
Test Module is a tool that allows you to get the overview of your employee competence and grade the efficiency of provided education.
It enables the users (mentors) to create questions, answers and define tests in a simple and efficient manner. Various kinds of questions are supported, single-choice answers, multiple-choice answers, drag & drop, memo, multi memo questions, etc. A test meets any standards, it can be predefined, with a desired number of questions or a random choice of questions.