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Cognita was formed by a team derived from the company that has been the leading regional IT education provider; IT Center.

We have been following world trends and participating in the domain of e-learning and on-line education for years. Experience and knowledge acquired from pioneering in the region allowed us to develop the first Croatian Learning Management System eLearner and leading high-quality interactive e-learning content.
This experience gave us the understanding that, while the latest interactive technology and techniques are important, to build a solid, yet flexible, solution that helps you meet your business goals, requires astute e-learning strategists, high-quality content and proven consulting methodologies, backed up with our training and support.
Cognita offers all that you need for an on-line education implementation: from the e-learning solution optimized to meet the needs of human resource divisions and organizations in the field of education and training, to a support program that best fits your business needs. 
In February 2005, Cognita has become an ADL SCORM Adopter and is also recognized as ADL Partner. Previously, Cognita eLearner© LMS (Learning Management System) passed all the tests and was certified by ADL as a SCORM 1.2 conformant product. This means that eLearner© is conformant with SCORM, leading standard in e-learning. Testing was accomplished in December 2004 by Academic ADL Co-Lab Wisconsin Testing Organization. The list of all certified products can be seen at http://www.adlnet.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=certprodresults.

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